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Why is the No-Deposit Bingo the Best Starting Point to Guaranteed Fun?

Although the best fun you can have at bingo is for real money, we shouldn’t ignore the free starting offers of the operators. They are an important and very good entrance point for your experience. As there are so many bingo sites around, players can start wondering where to play. The no-deposit bonuses help you solve that dilemma and you get free funds with which to test a website. This short article will focus on the best offers currently available for British players and will explore the ins and outs of the bonus terms.

Enter Costa and bingo away with a free fiver, no strings attached!

We bring you the essence of free bonuses and top that with the necessary details for them. Those gifts carry no preliminary requirement and you can never lose with them. Still, there are some tricks you can learn in advance that will help you smoothly play your entire bonus. We will also tell you how you can keep your winnings and withdraw them easily. But let’s hurry to the very offers.

Top No-Deposit Offers for Bingo Players in the UK

Here is our Top 3 of the best UK providers that treat their new players with free bonuses. Operators change their offers quite frequently, adding and cancelling some of the gift bonuses. That is why we closely follow all the news and keep diligent track of the welcome offers. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the latest and up-to-date information. In the table below you will see brief info and, in case you need further details, you can always read the expert reviews written by our bingo professionals.

The Best Free Bonuses for March 2018

Read the sites’ T&C’s by clicking “Claim your bonus” or “Claim your free funds”.

What You Should Know About Your Free Starting Gift

The first thing you should remember is that free bonuses don’t require any of your real funds. No matter what, you will not spend a penny from your own money. Not only that, but you will not owe the provider anything, either. Now that I’ve put your mind to rest, let’s continue with the important things to consider when you use no-deposit offers.

Bonus amount The first thing you’ll see is the sheer bonus amount. It is usually pre-set and doesn’t depend on your actions or preferences. Most operators give away small amounts that are spent very fast. The most typical bonus size is within the range £5-20. It doesn’t require great commitment of any side and is enough to test the games.

Wagering requirements Something that not all sites share explicitly is the number of times you need to wager your bonus in order to make your winnings available for withdrawal. Most typically the wagering requirements stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions apply to such bonuses, as well. The usual number of playthrough is somewhere between 2 and 6.

Validity of the bonus The free welcome treats will expire in a couple of days, a week at the longest. Make sure you know how long the bonus will remain at your disposal, as that will save you any disappointment. Some operators set some period of validity, while others limit the free bonus availability until the moment of your first deposit. When you know that, you’ll be able to make the most of your gift and test as many games as possible.

Detailed Information about the Best No-Deposit Offers

Operator Bonus Wagering Validity Upper limit to winnings More info
Landmark £15 4x till your 1st deposit £30 Landmark bingo details
Costa £5 4x - - Costa bingo details
Golden Hat £5-£1000 6x 3 days - Golden Hat bingo details
Follow the links to view the offers’ full T&C’s.

Upper limit of your winnings It is a routine practice that operators will cap the winnings you can make through your no-deposit bonus at a certain amount. Don’t worry, the amount is high enough. When you consider the short period within which you will wager your whole bonus, you will see the limit is quite adequate.

Accepted games When you get a smaller bonus, it is usually valid for bingo games exclusively. Some of the higher amounts are good on slots and casino games, too, but that’s a rare case. Generally, bingo tickets cost between a penny and a pound, the most expensive being for very special games. That means that you can play many game sessions with even a fiver. Plus, the more tickets you buy, the better chances you have to win. When your gift is good to spend on other games, you will have different wagering terms, too. Besides, every game has a different contribution rate towards those terms. What you should remember is that the overall conditions for instant game bonuses differ from those of bingo bonus funds and you need to check them in advance.

Answering Your Hot Questions

When we speak of “free” and “gift”, players have many questions. You are also free to ask yours. We promise to do our best to answer ASAP. Before that, you may see some of the top questions of players regarding the free bonuses on bingo sites.

Why do operators credit free bonuses?


That is a good incentive for new players who are not sure where to play. The bingo providers don’t lose anything, because the sign-up gifts are not a huge expense for them. At the same time, they can gain much if you go on to become a loyal customer.

Why do bingo sites ask for my card details?


Operators hold full gambling licences from the UK Gambling Commission and are required to follow strict rules. They need to safeguard against prohibited playing: both in terms of age and territory. Validating your card is part of the prevention measures.

Will I lose any real money while playing with the no-deposit bonus?


You will not lose any of your own real money while using the free starting bonus. The card details that you provide are simply validated, but no funds are deduced from your account. You have full control of your money. No matter if you’re lucky in the games, you will not owe any money to the operator.

What’s Next: Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is just one: if you’ve enjoyed the website, after you’ve played the free bonus, go on and deposit. There are plenty of bingo operators that accept first deposits of just £5 and give away up to 500% match bonuses. That will start you off with £25 in total. Of course, if you deposit a tenner, you will start with a massive £60. The first-deposit bonuses are valid for longer periods, most often between a week and a calendar month. Given the low price of the tickets, you will surely have a long time of joy. Check this comparison between the same 3 operators that we discussed above and see how attractive their first-deposit bonuses are. See how a very small commitment can open the gate to great entertainment.

There are plenty of good welcome offers by top bingo providers

For more T&C’s follow the links at the table above.

In terms of deposit options, you can find valuable information and tips in our article here. If you need further details, or your curiosity is awaken by now, be our guest and check the reviews and articles we’ve gathered on our website.